Luxury treats for your hands & feet – all our treatments promote the health of the hands, feet and nails – not harm them . We do not use harsh chemicals or electric drills!


Express polish mani or pedicure - Nicer nails for non-stop people. Finger or toenail shape, cuticle treatment, hand cream, base, colour polish and top coat  – from £12.50

IBX repair and protect – the revolutionary new nail strengthening treatment that works from within your nails. Stop peeling, cracking and chipping in its tracks. Significant improvement in just a single treatment. Gel and Polish last much longer and your nails are naturally strong and nourished! IBX is your nail insurance policy!

IBX only (1st treatment) £15
IBX only (ongoing treatments) £10

IBX & Polish (1st treatment) £20
IBX & Polish (ongoing) £15

IBX & Gel Polish (1st treatment) £27
IBX & Gel Polish (ongoing treatments) £25

Artistic Colour gloss, Gelish and CND Shellac – gel polish for for natural nails. Lasts 2-3 weeks, no smudges or chips!!!

Gel Polish Manicure or Pedicure – Super long lasting indestructible gel polish!. Perfect on fingers or toes. Dry immediately, no waiting for hours to prevent smudging! Lasts 2-3 weeks!     from £22.00
(return within 3 weeks and your Gel polish will be removed for free if you have a new set)

Gel Polish Twinkle toes – custom uber sparkle for party or beach feet! Over 50 glitter colours – £26.00

Spa Manicure – For heavenly soft, beautiful hands and nails, Nail shape, soak & buff, cuticle treatment, hand & arm exfoliation and massage, base, colour and top coat – from £25.00

Medi-Pedi – No pamper pedis here…we buff away your hard skin, and massage with a specially designed cream to help prevent its return!! Feel like you are walking on the clouds! Sort out those tough toe cuticles and finish with a colour of your choice! from £25.00

Heel Peel – the revolutionary 15 minute treatment for removal of extra hard skin and calluses (2 patches)

Heel Peel with mini-pedi                                                                                                                £25.00
Heel Peel with Gel Polish                                                                                                               £30.00

Beautiful, natural nail enhancements and extensions….Gel, acrylic, or silk/fibreglass

All our nail products are carefully selected to ensure you get beautiful, strong, long-lasting, thin and flexible enhancements that protect the natural nail underneath. Cutting edge technology for strong beautiful extended natural finish and french gel or acrylic nails

Artistic Nail Design –  Tough, strong and beautiful extensions, in Acrylic, Acrylic Dip, Hard Gel or Polygel. No damage to the natural nail, just beautiful long nails, for weeks of wear!

Gel or acrylic overlays  – colour, clear or french natural nail – £26.00

Gel or acrylic nail extensions – colour, clear or french, tipped or sculpted – £36.00

2 week nail maintenance infill – from £20.00

3 week nail maintenance rebalance – from £25.00

Safe removal of enhancements

removal only (please ask for price if nails have been applied elsewhere)                               from    £5.00
with IBX                                                                                                                                     £15.00
with new set overlays                                                                                                                   £5.00

Nail repairs (natural or enhanced) from £3.00 per nail

Nail Art, Crystals & Gems from 50p per nail