February 2016

Lyndsay Harrold, owner of Tough as Nails, is proud to now be recognised as a MAC Make-up professional make-up artist and has already started to include some of the best MAC items in the looks she creates for both wedding and occasions! Book a spring make-over now to see what such iconic colours such as Ruby-woo and the infamous MAC Paint-pots can do for your look!

***Special Offers***

Enjoy and nail and brow make-over, with gel polish and HD Brows for just £40 for the two. Patch test must be undertaken before HD Brows treatment!

January 2016

Here at Tough as Nails we think 2016 is a year to share a few beauty secrets, so watch this space for a few hints and tips on how to make your nails and make-up hotter than ever before!

Brows are a BIG fashion still this year, but with a slightly softer edge than last years sharp angles! Colours are softer too, with many favouring an ombre brow with graduated tones!