Welcome to Tough as Nails….a unique, and high quality, private nail and beauty studio, set in the tranquil countryside of the Llyn Peninsula, just metres outside of Pwllheli town centre.

We offer carefully selected nail and beauty treatments and products, designed to promote natural wellbeing, health and beauty and leave you feeling pampered and gorgeous.

Tough as Nails is owned and run by Lyndsay Harrold, a fully qualified and skilled Nail and Make-up Artist, HD Brow Stylist and a master technician for both Artistic Nail Design and Bio Sculpture gel – a beautiful and kind way to enhance your nails with colour and strength. Lyndsay is also fully qualified in all aspects of beauty and is an internationally recognised educator and trainer in many nail and beauty treatments, including Acrylic, Polygel and Gel Nail Extensions, Gel Polish and high end manicures, Spray Tanning and premium lash treatments.

Lyndsay works both in studio and travels as a make-up artist, offering wedding day and occasion make-up services to the highest standard, and is fully trained in Creative and Photographic make-up.

We also offer, in studio, semi-permanent eyelash extensions, gel, acrylic nails, minx and glitter toes, Fibreglass  and Silk nails, high quality waxing and hair removal, facials, Fake Bake and Nouvatan airbrush tan application and natural health, skin and body care.

***News*** Dermaplaning has come to Tough as Nails and we are a fully trained and insured to carry out this fabulous new facial treatment!

So, what is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is simply a facial treatment that improves skin health and appearance. Although it sounds similar to (micro) dermabrasion, dermaplaning is a completely different procedure—one that’s much easier on your skin. In fact, you can probably apply make-up to your skin more or less immediately, although your skin will be so glowing you may not want to!

There are practically no downsides to a dermaplaning treatment

Dermaplaning is safe even for the most sensitive skins, It doesn’t hurt, and unlike other treatments, such as microdermabrasion and peels, there is no downtime, no need to avoid the sun, wait to put on makeup, or worry about whether your skin will react before a big event. You can have a dermaplane facial over lunch and colleagues will notice nothing but a glowing, fabulous complexion! Dermaplaning is also safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as it does not use chemicals that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and transferred to a growing baby.

The benefits of Dermaplaning!

  • Removal of the dead skin cells off the surface of the face, encourages skin-cell renewal and will even out skin tone.
  • Fine vellus facial hairs can trap dirt, oil, and other foreign particles, so their removal encourages cleaner skin.
  • Dermaplaning leaves a radiant complexion that more easily absorbs your skin creams and drastically improves its efficiency!
  • Dermaplaning creates a beautifully smooth “canvas” for applying make-up. In fact, some makeup artists recommend dermaplaning for make-up for special occasions because the removal of dead skin cells helps in the application of makeup!

The Myths!

Dermaplaning doesn’t cause your hair to return thicker or darker….cutting a hair simply can’t affect the root structure or colour, or we’d all get thicker hair every time we visit the hairdresser! As your hair regrows, you may temporarily feel a few stubbly bits as it breaks the surface with re-growth, but this will return to soft, fine hair as soon as a little length appears…that is if you haven’t already got hooked on dermaplaning